About Jardin Velharia

Jardin Velharia is a small family business, located in a shed in the Água Branca neighborhood in São Paulo.

Focused on the online search for vintage furniture and decor, Jardin Velharia seeks to offer a selection of pieces that refer to affective memories from the 50s to the 80s, with the aim of facilitating the search for beauty and sustainable consumption, through the normalization of the reuse of old furniture and objects.

Its current format is a spin-off of the Jardin do Centro and Quintal do Centro coffee shops, founded in 2015 and 2017, respectively. Both coffee shops, located in Vila Buarque, in the center of São Paulo, were renowned for their vintage decor, made up of carefully selected furniture and objects.
Due to the economic effects of the fateful 2020 Pandemic, both coffee shops were abruptly closed and the sale of their furniture and objects of use gave way to the emergence of Jardin Velharia.
Since then, the store has served numerous customers throughout Brazil and abroad, with a transparent and safe shopping experience, from the moment of desire to the final delivery of the piece.