High multi-niche bookcase from the 60s in solid walnut with ceiling fixing (290cm x 317cm)

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single piece

Approximate Measurements:

Height: 290cm

Total Width: 317cm

Width of each column: 24cm 

Overall depth: 40cm

Niches: Height / Width / Depth 

35cm / 70cm / 40cm

44cm / 70cm / 40cm

50cm / 70cm / 40cm

Total height with fixing screw: 292cm

Width / Thickness of shelves: 70cm / 2cm



Massive imbuia; Wood; imbuia leaf; Formica; Iron. 



The bookcase is modular, which allows for different arrangements of niches and shelves. 

The piece was designed to be fixed to the ceiling, but it is possible to be fixed to the wall as long as necessary adaptations are made, such as internally drilling the niches to keep it firmly on the wall. 

It is possible to place a larger thread on the fastener if you need to fix it to a ceiling measuring more than 2.92 m. (Jardin Velharia does not perform this service) 

⚠️ Piece is delivered disassembled. Assembly service is charged separately. 


Usage Marks:
( ) Piece does not have relevant usage marks
( X ) Part has discrete non-structural signs of use
( ) Piece has several signs of use throughout (see photos)

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