Rectangular Table from the 60s in Formica, iron and Junco (160cm)

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single piece

We have available 6 chairs that make a set with this table, they are sold separately. 

Approximate Measurements:
Overall Height: 77cm
Useful Height (chair fit): 63cm
Total Width: 160cm
Usable Width (between the legs): 153cm
Total Depth: 90cm
Working Depth (between the legs): 81cm
Top thickness: 3cm

Main materials:

Iron; reeds; Formica 


The golden iron rings on the sides have traces of oxidation.

The white paint on the iron and the reeds has slight peeling.

top on. Formica has slight surface scratches. 

⚠️ photo with chairs is merely illustrative, showing the possibility of a set. Value above is for the table only. 


Usage Marks:
( ) Piece does not have relevant usage marks
(X ) Part has discrete non-structural signs of use
( ) Piece has several signs of use throughout (see photos)

*attention to photos to identify other possible details and materials.
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