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If you are buying from outside Brazil, please review this before your purchase.

1 - Browse our products carefully. We have lots of pictures and comments for your appraisal. We are doing our best to provide an honest and transparent journey for you.

2 - Add your desired products to the cart and go to checkout to know the shipping cost for the order. Dont worry, you will not need to add your credit card information or login to your paypal account to assess shipping costs. We will only need your address and email.

3 - Choose PayPal as payment option. You will need a subscription to PayPal wallet. Please consider the following before paying:

- you may see a discount on the website for our app. Discounts are for local deliveries in Brazil only since for international shipping we have additional handling and bureaucratic costs on top of the shipping fee you will pay. However, please feel free to download our app and enjoy the puzzles and the other features. We will soon make it possible for international clients to buy from our app and get discounts.

- we provide the best and most recent international shipping rates at our website. However, in case the effective final rate is too different from what we charged you, we may cancel your order and fully reimburse your PayPal funds. In that case, we will update the fees and get back to you shortly so you can choose whether to buy again or not.

- please try to buy as much as you can as we can optimize shipping for better cost and delivery time. Please also consider that we may disassemble some products to facilitate shipping, in that case we will let you know and provide full instructions on how to assemble it again.

If you have any doubts you can contact our sales department directly on Whatsapp +55 11 94330 6324

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