Shipping and Return Policy



 ▪️In-Store Pickup:

Collection at the store must be made within 3 calendar days after the date of purchase. In case of withdrawal after this period, a daily charge of 20% will be charged on the value of the order per day of delay in the withdrawal. If the order is withdrawn after 7 calendar days, the buyer will not be able to return his order in case of regret.

▪️Free Shipping - Important Notice:

Free shipping is a promotional and revocable criterion of Jardin Velharia. The same is subsidized by the company and does not imply the annulment of the actual freight costs in the case of returning the parts.

Jardin Velharia reserves the right to cancel the sale and refund the amount paid in case the Freight cannot be carried out by the partner carriers within the parameters of cost and term compatible with the profitability of the operation.

Such an event will normally occur in very remote or difficult to access delivery addresses and also cities with few inhabitants and without significant flow of carriers.

▪️Deliveries in São Paulo:

We ask that you pay attention to the measurements of the piece in order to guarantee delivery by elevator. Our freight service in the capital is outsourced and professionals do not go beyond the third floor using the stairs.

If there is a need to go up beyond the third floor, the additional labor costs are the responsibility of the buyer.

If there is an impediment to the delivery of the part and the only solution is the return, the amount paid for the delivery freight will not be refunded and the return freight of the part will be fully paid by the buyer in the actual value of the service.

 ⚠️ Jardin Velharia does not stock furniture sold, deliveries are dispatched shortly after purchase

▪️Deliveries OUTSIDE São Paulo:

Pay attention to the following points!

1 - Our delivery service is outsourced

Jardin Velharia's delivery service is outsourced to carriers that take and bring a high volume of goods across Brazil. This allows us to deliver your order at an affordable shipping cost, but unfortunately we do not have full control over the delivery requirements and procedures. We count on your understanding.

2 - Arrange for someone to receive the part

When finalizing your purchase, we ask that you pay attention to the delivery of your piece(s) in the next few days, always ensuring that someone is available to receive the furniture. Re-delivery is charged by the carrier at 50% of the total freight cost, the cost being passed on in full to the buyer.

Also pay attention to the carrier's links, as they may contact you.

3 - Check the piece upon delivery and point out possible damages on the Invoice (and take pictures!)

At the time of delivery, still with the couriers, it is extremely important that you open the package to identify possible damages resulting from transport. In your absence, we suggest designating someone you trust to assess the integrity of the piece.

In the event of any damage to the order, it is essential that you detail the damage occurred in the exception on the Invoice itself and send us photos of the same. In this case, you have two options:

a- write the caveat in the invoice, do not accept the part and return it to the couriers immediately along with the Invoice. Your refund will occur within 30 working days from the date of arrival of the piece at the shed.

b- write the caveat on the invoice, accept the piece and be responsible for obtaining three quotes for restoration in your city. You will pay the restoration fee and the amount will be refunded to you within 30 working days. (exclusively through the note made on the invoice)

⚠️ If the damaged piece of furniture is received without the due exception being made in the note, it will not be refundable or refundable for the restoration.

4 - Delivery is made only up to the entrance

It is worth remembering that, as a rule, the carriers only make the delivery to your entrance, and it is your responsibility to forward the furniture to your residence.

We suggest that customers organize themselves with local labor to take the piece of furniture to their apartment, especially if it does not fit in the elevator.
We also suggest that, if applicable, talk to the condominium about the arrival of the piece, so that it can be accommodated in the lobby until the customer can arrange for its transport inside the house.
We ask customers to treat couriers with courtesy and respect.

⚠️ Jardin Velharia does not stock furniture sold, deliveries are dispatched shortly after purchase 



Jardin Velharia does not reserve pieces. Specific cases are evaluated by our sales team during business hours, exceptionally reserving items until the end of the day.

In the case of purchases with payment via PIX, regardless of the payment gateway provisions, we will cancel the order if the Pix is not made within the next 30 minutes after purchase.



As it works with unique pieces, Jardin Velharia does not make exchanges, only returns within the eligibility criteria.

The buyer is guaranteed the right to return within 7 calendar days after receiving the purchase.

If the customer has negotiated the retention of his purchase in the store to receive it at a later date or pick it up at the store, the period of 7 calendar days will start to be valid from the date of purchase and not the date of delivery. In this case, when requesting an extension of the delivery period or self-collection, the customer is aware that he will lose the possibility of returning the part(s) if 7 calendar days pass after the purchase.

The refund will take place within 60 working days after the item arrives at the Galpão do Jardin Velharia in the same condition in which it was purchased. Return shipping costs are the buyer's responsibility at the actual cost of the shipping service (since we usually subsidize the actual delivery cost).

Note: the buyer can choose to choose their own freight service to return the parts they want to return.

⚠️ Jardin Velharia does not stock furniture sold, deliveries are dispatched right after purchase!

⚠️ As it works with unique pieces, Jardin Velharia does not make exchanges, only returns within the eligibility criteria



Jardin Velharia offers a guarantee on the pieces sold under the following conditions:

1 - The warranty period is 30 consecutive days, counting from the date of delivery of the product to your home.

It is important to point out that the return period is 7 calendar days after receiving the furniture and that whether or not your piece fits under the terms of the guarantee does not make it eligible for a return, under no circumstances, after the 7-day return period has expired. run

2 - The Jardin Velharia Warranty applies to parts sold that may have a defect or structural or functional failure, provided they have not been noted in the part's registration when purchasing online. In face-to-face sales, it is understood that the customer is fully aware of the state of the piece.

As defects or functional failures subject to warranty, we can list some examples:

- doors that may have a functional defect when opening or closing and that prevent the furniture from working or being used

- armchair that will show instability in the wooden structure after moderate use, at points of junction or articulation of the parts that compose it

- emergence of termites within the warranty period

3 - Not covered by the warranty:

- parts that show cracks or are visibly broken

- tapestry, if it has not been restored by the store

- wear or bulging of parts with straw

- purely aesthetic details

4 - Procedures to activate the warranty

- formalize your warranty request by sending photos and details of the occurrence to the email 

- inform the date of purchase and date of arrival of the piece at your home

- our team will evaluate your order within 3 business days and inform you of your purchase's eligibility for the store warranty

Normally our guarantee is practiced in the following ways:

- sending a restorer/assembler to the address for on-site repair of the part, if the part is in São Paulo, capital

- reimbursement of the costs of repairing the piece, by a carpenter, specialized restorer, upon presentation of three budgets, if the piece is located outside the municipality of São Paulo

- reimbursement of decupinization costs by a specialized company, in cases of termite presence, upon presentation of three budgets

If your purchase is eligible for the store's warranty and the repair costs are above the market average, or if there are no specialized repair or decupinization services in your city, Jardin Velharia reserves the prerogative to grant, on a exception, your right to return the item, even after the 7-day period has elapsed, in accordance with our return policy